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Executive summary of this article: Following is an example for a base configuration of the router. 


Specials: It sets up a management IP address inside a separate VRF. The advantage is that the management is independent from other router configuration, e.g. a dynamic routing protocol will not override the static default route which could prevent management access. 

Further the example uses only one interface (one VM NIC), which is connected to a trunk containing all VLANs (e.g. ESX network with VLAN 4095 assigned). This way a new VLAN doesn't require an additional NIC, but can be setup as a sub-interface on the single NIC.


Prerequisites: This article assumes you already have a VSR installed with factory default configuration. Info how to install a VSR on ESXi you can find in this article.


Configuration tasks:

Startup the VSR, open the console window, and in the console window do some basic IP settings and enable ssh access

Assign a routername

sysname vsr01

Create a management VPN instance (route-distinguisher value basically doesn’t matter, we’re not going to use this one further. Further details on the route-distinguisher e.g. see URL http://packetlife.net/blog/2013/jun/10/route-distinguishers-and-route-targets/)

ip vpn-instance mgmt
route-distinguisher <e.g. 65000:999>

Create a subinterface for management, assign it to the mgmt VPN and assign it an IP address. Example uses VLAN 999 as the management VLAN and as the management subnet

interface GigabitEthernet1/0.999
description mgmt interface
ip binding vpn-instance mgmt
 vlan-type dot1q vid 999
 ip address 24

Create a static default route in the management VRF, assuming default gateway

 ip route-static vpn-instance mgmt 0 description mgmt-route

Create a local user with admin permissions

local-user admin class manage
 password simple <password>
 service-type ssh telnet
 authorization-attribute user-role network-admin

Set authentication mode

line class vty
authentication-mode scheme

Create keys for ssh; suggesting to create with 2048 bits.

public-key local create rsa
public-key local create dsa

Enable the ssh server

 ssh server enable


If all done correct, and you've a valid routing path to the mgmt interface, from now on you should be able to connect to the system via ssh and use cut&paste of commands.


Optional/Recommended: Set an ACL to limit ssh access to specific source, e.g., and assign to ssh server

acl number 2001
 description ACL to control VTY Access
 rule 0 permit vpn-instance mgmt source
 rule 98 deny vpn-instance mgmt counting
 rule 99 deny counting
ssh server acl 2001

Optional/recommended for troubleshooting reasons: Allow router to respond to ping & traceroute

 ip redirects enable
 ip unreachables enable
 ip ttl-expires enable


Optional: Increase auto-logout time and remember more commands in command history

line class vty
 idle-timeout 120 0
 history-command max-size 256


Optional: Set ntp to use server reachable via mgmt interface

ntp-service enable
ntp-service unicast-server vpn-instance mgmt.


Optional: Set a syslog server reachable via mgmt interface

info-center loghost vpn-instance mgmt


Optional: Set some login header, ...

header shell %
    Device name:    vsr01.at.my.domain
    Model:          HP VSR1000
    Location:       Germany, ESX server xyz
    Purpose:        VSR testrouter
    This is a private system.
    Authorization is required to use this system.
    Use by unauthorized persons is prohibited.


Optional: Set timezone and daylight saving

 clock timezone Germany add 01:00:00
 clock summer-time Germany 02:00:00 March last Sunday 03:00:00 October last Sunday 01:00:00
 clock protocol ntp

Optional: Disable copyright info on login

 undo copyright-info enable


Optional/recommended: Save the configuration

save force



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